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The School of Apostolic Reformation

Jesus invested intensively in a company of people who became the first authentic Kingdom-base (not a physical building) in Jerusalem. Paul built a base in present Turkey (still not a physical building): The ignorant became insightful, the weak became influential, the local became international as the few multiplied and spread so the whole region was affected by their lives and words, their truth and compassion.

These two narratives are central to the School. This Apostolic Institute is a platform which (1) Pursues societal Kingdom-advancement through the spiritual education of competent ‘architects’, (2) Leads to fruitfulness and multiplication through their lives, (3) Builds, regulates and develops abilities according to Kingdom-patterns, (4) Identifies practical ways leading to righteous influence and (5) Grows their grace to reconcile people to the Father through the work of the Son and Spirit.