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The Scenarios

The Scenarios

Philip DuPont

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God's Mighty Interventions In The Affairs Of Men

There are unusual issues on God's agenda for these decades. Kingdom-people are conscious and insightful regarding Kingdom-history and progression. The truth is that patterns and more important than principles and methods. And they are eternal. Therefore believers are expected to dig deeper in patterns.

There are three major scenarios in this New Covenant era which give a clear understanding in how God works. The patterns in operation behind these divine and mighty interventions are absolutely breathtaking. Study them and go beyond the usual and obvious.

Christmas is so much more than the manger, the magis and the donkey, and the baby Jesus. Easter is much more than the trial, the treason, the crucifixion and the empty tomb. Pentecost is much more than speaking in tongues and church-growth.

Find out, educate yourself because significant insight is hidden in these three mighty scenarios. My manual will surely help you on the way…

Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

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The Scenarios

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