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The Architects

The Architects

Philip DuPont

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Where Have All The Architects Gone?

The words 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...' (Joh. 3,16) are not yet fulfilled. The redemptive work in its infinite dimension was finished by the Son, however the finite enforcement work in its finite dimension must be completed by the children of the Kingdom.
The Father's love is still searching its complete expression by sending and positioning sons and daughters in contemporary society. Two milleniums ago He sent His Son and through Him He gave power to become His children and grow up to true sonship and its responsibility. Now these are expected to represent the Kingdom of the Father.

They are expected to build lives, families and communities... as well as redefine and reshape institutions and structures in righteousness. They are architects.

It's time for spiritual education.

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The Architects

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